So, I have finally built my shack

I was sick of doing all my radio stuff on a fold-out table in the bedroom so… I took a look around the place to see what else I could do. At first I thought about putting up a shed, but the only place I could put one was too far from the house so I wouldn’t hear if anyone broke in. Then I looked under the house, measured the space at 4.2m x 2.2m and thought “I might be able to do something with this” Continue reading “So, I have finally built my shack”

Icom IC-7300 Rig control for MMSSTV

A test transmission picture I made.

You can either make whatever changes to these settings after copying and pasting the [RADIO] and [RadioMenu] sections over the originals in the Mmsstv.ini file, or just copy/paste and change the few settings needing a tweak from within the program itself.

IMPORTANT: Do not modify the file while MMSSTV is running, it will overwrite it when you exit, so exit first, modify, then re-start MMSSTV.

This section is near the middle of the Mmsstv.ini file:

(Note – Change PortName and BaudRate to suit your system!,

also Cmdxx=148 is the CI-V address, 148=94h – the default for IC-7300, check in your rig under MENU>SET>Connectors>CI-V>CI-V Address. If it has been changed from 94h, convert the hexadecimal number to decimal and change Cmdxx to suit)

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