Icom IC-7300 Rig control for MMSSTV

You can either make whatever changes to these settings after copying and pasting the [RADIO] and [RadioMenu] sections over the originals in the Mmsstv.ini file, or just copy/paste and change the few settings needing a tweak from within the program itself.

IMPORTANT: Do not modify the file while MMSSTV is running, it will overwrite it when you exit, so exit first, modify, then re-start MMSSTV.

This section is near the middle of the Mmsstv.ini file:

(Note – Change PortName and BaudRate to suit your system!,

also Cmdxx=148 is the CI-V address, 148=94h – the default for IC-7300, check in your rig under MENU>SET>Connectors>CI-V>CI-V Address. If it has been changed from 94h, convert the hexadecimal number to decimal and change Cmdxx to suit)


This next section is at the bottom of the Mmsstv.ini file:

Note: This is set up for Australia. If your country has different standard frequencies, the format of the commands is:

This is actually 2 commands together for setting frequency and mode.

The first command is \$FEFExxE00578563412FD:
\$FEFExxE0 – start sequence (xx is changed by MMSSTV to the number in [RADIO]> Cmdxx, E0 refers to your computer),
05 – set frequency, 70563412 – 12.345.670 MHz, FD – end sequence.

The second command is \$FEFExxE02600010101FD:
\$FEFExxE0 – as above, starts sequence and addresses radio,
26 – set VFO, 00 – Set CURRENT VFO, 01 – Set to Upper Sideband (change to 00 for LSB), 01 – DATA mode (set to 00 for normal SSB – non-DATA), 01, Filter setting 1 (The widest filter if you haven’t changed it in your radio)

Note: in USA on the 30 meter band SSTV must be a narrow version (500 Hz from what I’ve read). Aswell as selecting a narrow mode in MMSSTV,
You may want to set the Filter for 10.132 to ’03’, the narrowest by default, and manually adjust this filter to suit.

Cap1=3.640 MHz LSB - Aus. Call
Cap2=7.043 MHz LSB - Call
Cap3=7.170 MHz LSB - Aus, USA Call
Cap4=10.132 MHz USB - Call
Cap5=14.230 MHz USB - Intl. Call
Cap6=14.236 MHz USB - VK5ZW S/F Repeater
Cap7=14.240 MHz USB - Euro Call
Cap8=21.340 MHz USB - Intl. Call
Cap9=28.680 MHz USB - Intl. Call
Cap10=50.950 MHz USB - Call

All that’s left is to set sound card to USB Audio Codec (the rigs built in sound card), do this inside the program.

Image I received with MMSSTV
Image I received with MMSSTV
A test transmission picture I made.
A test transmission picture I made.

Note that while I have set all this up and made sure it works, I haven’t tried to have an SSTV QSO yet.  I probably will at some point but even for monitoring the frequencies the above guide will help as you can change to the standard frequencies from the menu.

Good luck!


16 Replies to “Icom IC-7300 Rig control for MMSSTV”

  1. Many thanks for the MMSSTV Radio Commands! It was easy to implement and makes me very happy.

    Just had a QSO with a JA on 14230, now to look for more.


  2. Thank You
    Works for the ICOM IC-756PRO
    Just changed the HEX address and Baud Rate

  3. My IC7300 goes to TX and transmits perfectly with this mod. However I cannot get the rig to change frequencies using the program. Any help would be appreciated by a very aged and computer illiterate Ham!!! G4LDT

    1. David,
      Did you ever get the frequency control problem resolved? A couple others and I are having the same issue where the MMSSTV program won’t change the frequency on the 7300.
      BrianB N6CVO

  4. G’day Daniel,
    love the callsign.
    I’m Dan VK2GG; I’ve been playing with your suggested MMSTV.ini settings for 7300.
    Working well, also on 705, 9700 and 7100.
    I have discovered that 02 turns on AM mode, but can’t seem to figure out FM mode? Any idea?

  5. Hi all, I have been fiddling with mode codes:
    00=LSB, 01=USB, 02=AM, 03=CW, 04=RTTY, 05=FM, 06=WFM, 07=CW-R, 08=RTTY-R.
    ALSO, TO CHANGE TO, SAY 147.400.000MHz, ADD 01 BEFORE FD, SO:
    \260000404701 FD


  6. Cant get a peep out the TX side with this mod on the 7300 here in Canada, any other ideas?

    Dave VE3YU

  7. Didn’t change the frequency on my ic-7300. Had to check to box PTT in the radiocommand setup as it went straight to tx when opening mmsstv. Hope anyone has a solution? 73

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